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Significant Dates in F4U Corsair History

General History

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1 February 1938
US Navy design specification issued for a new fighter.

11 June 1938
The Vought-Sikorsky Division of United Aircraft Corporation receives US Navy approval for V-166B, the XF4U-1.

29 May 1940
The first flight of the XF4U-1 is celebrated.

1 October 1940
The XF4U-1 logs a record speed run of 405 miles per hour between Stratford and Hartford, Connecticut.

25 June 1942
First flight of a production F4U.

September 1942
First deliveries to a US Marine Corps squadron, VMF-124, at Camp Kearney, California.

October 1942
First deliveries to a US Navy squadron, VF-12, at San Diego, California.

13 February 1943
The combat debut of the F4U occurs with VMF-124 at Guadalcanal.

25 February 1943
First Flight of a Goodyear Aircraft produced Corsair, designated FG-1.

26 April 1943
First flight of a Brewster produced Corsair, designated F3A-1.

1 June 1943
The first Royal Navy Corsair unit is formed at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island.

29 January 1944
First Corsair combat operations from a U.S. carrier, USS Enterprise, by VF (N)-101.

3 April 1944
First Royal Navy combat missions from HMS Victorious.

19 April 1944
First flight of the F4U-4XA.

15 October 1944
First flight of the Goodyear XF2G-1.

28 December 1944
First two US Marine Corps squadrons begin carrier duty.

3 July 1950
First missions of the Korean War flown by Air Group Five, USS Valley Forge.

29 December 1951
First flight of the AU-1.

2 July 1952
First flight of the F4U-7.

24 December 1952
Corsair production ends with the last F4U-7.

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