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Personal Accounts of the Corsair

General History

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Please enjoy the following personal accounts of some of the men and women who  helped build, fly, and maintain the Corsair during its service to our country. (All articles printed here are done so with the express permission of the author.

Rita the Riveter


Rita the Riveter didn't fool around, there was a war on!  Rita The Riveter gets her back up a bit when she's asked if the stories are true about all the, well, fooling around that went on in World War II weapons factories like the Vought-Sikorsky Corsair plant in Bridgeport, where she once worked. Honey, the feisty 86-year-old former Bridgeporter spurts over the phone from St. Louis, Mo., her home for the past four years, the guys were glad to have us. We worked as a team. We were proud to be building a fighter plane that would shorten the war. We even got an E' from the government for our excellent work. People today aren't proud of anything.  Read more ...

Bernard Peterson

Corsair Veteran Shares His Memories  STRATFORD — Bernard W. Peterson, a Corsair pilot who saw action throughout the Pacific theater in World War II, lightly recalled being shot by "friendly fire." "They probably never saw so many planes flying at one time before," said Peterson, a retired Marine Corps captain and resident of Scottsdale, Ariz., referring to fellow Marines at a base where he was landing. "They probably thought it was a Japanese raid."  Read more ...

War on Guam

War on Guam - "Yes, I Remember" by Nancy Toves Leon-Guerrero (used with written permission from the author) The year 1941 was on its last month. There had been rumors of war, as I gathered from the conversations between my father and his friends from the Commercial Pacific Cable Company. 

Joe and Annette LoSardo

Flying High With Memories  Joe and Annette LoSardo have assembled a miniature hall of fame of Connecticut-made aircraft in their Monroe basement. Near the family pictures, pool table and billiard sticks with their granddaughters' names stand photos of the F-4U Corsair, the Sikorsky S-41 "Flying Boat" and other aircraft the couple helped to build at a sprawling Stratford factory.  Read more ...

Lt Col Jack Bolt

Lt. Col. John "Jack" F. Bolt, USMC (Retired) VMF-214 Black Sheep Squadron Anyway, the family could not support me further and at the same time support a younger brother who would be entering college, so the $500.00 a year which the Navy offered to reserve pilots for a four-year hitch looked really good. (I think the salaries when I was commissioned weren’t more than about $225.00 a month with flight pay). I felt I could, with the $500.00 and some savings, come back to school and finish law school, which was an aim that I had at that time. A law degree was only five years of college then. I joined up in about July of ’41; they didn’t call me until mid November, and of course, within two or three weeks, the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. Read more ...

Phillip VonVille

The Battle for Okinawa & The Team of 19-Year-Old Phillip VonVille and His F4U-1D  Helldiver Philip VonVille was there with VMF-123 picking off enemy planes and Kamikazes. Phil flew the F4U-1D Corsair which was the pride of this 19 year old Marine. Phil had 3 kills and had only been out of Pensacola and the SNJs five months. He graduated in the top ten of his class and was able to choose the Marine Corps, as had been his dream. He was stationed at Quantico before heading to the Pacific.  Read more ...

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