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Connecticut Corsair's mission to inspire students of all ages

The F4U-4 Corsair is one cool airplane!

Connecticut Corsair uses its F4U-4  Corsair restoration project as a magnet to capture the imagination of children (of all ages) while stressing the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math.


In 2005, Connecticut Corsair worked with Connecticut State Legislators, who were successful in passing legislation to designate the F4U Corsair as Connecticut's Official State Aircraft. It is the only US military airplane to be completely built in one state through the collaborative efforts of Connecticut-based businesses.  With this designation, every Connecticut school child will learn about the F4U Corsair. Many of the original manufacturers are still in the state as well as leading support-level companies, all of which are in constant need of an ever more technologically savvy workforce.

Governor Rell issued a Proclamation naming every May 29th as Corsair Day in Connecticut.

        Grades K-12

High School Students

University Student Interns

Elementary children enjoy learning about the F4U Corsair on the ConneCTKids website.  Connecticut Corsair was instrumental in contributing pertinent information for ConneCTKids where elementary aged school children find facts, figures, puzzles, and information about Connecticut's State Aircraft, the F4U Corsair and Connecticut Corsair's restoration of it. 


High school students learn practical application of their CAD computing skills when working on a real live project.  Connecticut Corsair provides original parts and drawings.  Below is an attachment hinge drawing by a student at Platt Technical School.  The modeled part was then produced on a rapid prototype printer which will be used as a 3D model for reproduction.


Terryn Reineke (Platt Tech Student 2007):  "My name is Terryn Reineke and I was able to work on the drawings for the attachment hinge for the F4U-4 Corsair aircraft. It was exciting to know these drawings were to make an airplane used in World War II.  It is very special to know this was the only airplane 100% made in my home state of Connecticut."

Sikorsky Innovations partners with Connecticut Corsair and Connecticut Innovations on the 2011 Sikorsky STEM Challenge

Sikorsky Innovations, the technology development organization of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., has launched a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) challenge for Connecticut high schools to offer local students an opportunity to apply their creative, innovative thinking, and classroom learning to technical problems faced in an actual engineering workplace.....Student teams will compete to solve a design challenge related to restoration of the official State Aircraft of Connecticut, the F4U Corsair....  Read More

Connecticut high school student teams will reverse engineer the engine mount for the massive Pratt & Whitney R-2800 double wasp engine.

University student interns work on modeling and reverse engineering of detailed components and assemblies for Connecticut Corsair's restoration project using microfilm, manuals, and original parts. The interns develop solid models and drawings of the aircraft components for subsequent manufacture through the use of SolidWorks CAD software - each intern receives a student SolidWorks seat (provided by SolidWorks) and Solid Works training by CAPinc.  In addition, interns have the opportunity to work with other major technology and aerospace companies involved in our restoration project.  



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