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Corsair Technical Info | R-2800 Double Wasp Engine 

Excerpted from the Handbook of Overhaul Instructions for Models R-2800-18W, -18WA, and -42W Aircraft Engines

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General  Description

The models R-2800-18W, -18WA, and -42W engines are eighteen cylinder, twin-row, radial, air-cooled engines, having a total displacement of 2804 cubic inches.  The engines have a built in torque indicating system, automatic two position spark advance control, auxiliary stage two speed supercharger, and a combat power unit.  The cases, the gear trains, the masterod assemblies and other standard features of these engines are illustrated in the figures included here in Fig 2-1 through 2-19. The hydraulic couplings, lubrication system, ignition system, carburetor and fuel system, combat power, and propellers are illustrated in Fig 2-20 through 2-23.

Differences between models

The model R-2800-18WA engine is similar to the -18W except that the R-2800-18WA engine incorporates longer mastered assemblies, heavier counterweights, lighter secondary counterbalances, and flat top pistons.

The model R-2800-42W engine is similar to the -18WA except for the following main differences;

1.       Double acting governor

2.       Two piece governor drive gear

3.       Scraper exhaust valve guides

4.       Improved rear counterweight

5.       Internal passages in supercharger inlet case (eliminating external tubing)

6.       Flexible spark advance lines (carburetor to surpercharger section)

Auxilliary Supercharger Section ] Supercharger Section ] Power Section ] Front Section ] Supercharge Inlet ] R-2800 Overhaul Manual Illustrations ]


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