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The Connecticut Connection to the F4U Corsair

General History

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In 2005, Connecticut Corsair worked with state legislators to have the Corsair declared   “Connecticut’s Official State Aircraft”.  A bill sponsored by State Senator George “Doc” Gunther, was signed into law in deference to the fact that the Corsair’s airframe, engine, and propeller were all built by Connecticut manufacturers.   

In fact, it is the only World War II aircraft completely designed and built within one state.  We located our project in the Corsair’s home state to work with many of the original vendors such as Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Hamilton Sundstrand Aircraft Propellers (formerly Hamilton Standard), and Sikorsky Aircraft (formally of Vought/Sikorsky).  Vought Aircraft relocated to Texas after WWII.


(Left)  Senator George "Doc" Gunther and Craig McBurney testify before the Veteran Affairs Committee. The senator sponsored a bill to make the Corsair the Official State Aircraft of Connecticut.  (Middle) Governor Jodi Rell signed the bill into law on May 29, 2005, the sixty year anniversary of the Corsair's first flight.  (Right) The Connecticut Corsair model pictured here with the Governor and the Senator was displayed in the capital building for a week, bringing attention to the upcoming declaration of the Corsair as the Official State Aircraft of Connecticut.

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